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Dark Soul Excerpt



Book Two of the Chronicles of Craelis:

For a deliciously bewitching read, step into the enchanted world of the Kingdom Craelis, that is inhabited by the survivors of the New Earth and other worldly Fae creatures...known only as the Craelis. In a world that has become the new Eden, deadly forces lie in wait, lurking in the deep shadows of the forests. Luna SilverWolf finds herself once again battling Lucero's evil followers in a world meant to be at peace as everything goes horribly wrong. Luna’s daughter, Selene has reached her eighteenth birthday and only her closest family members are aware of her constant internal battle with the evil that grows within her, as Selene finds herself struggling with a terrible choice as she discovers the mysterious and shrouded truth of her own birthright. Drawn towards the ever growing darkness, Selene must decide her own fate and the path she will journey. Torn between the powerful evil that calls to her and the people she loves, Selene stands to lose not just those she loves and the world she knows, but her soul as well. Will she succeed in conquering her demonic half or will she become a pawn in the rising battle for power, led by the shadowy realm's survivors? Prepare yourself...... plunge into the dark, enchanting world of the Craelis.... Immerse yourself in this intriguing story filled with memorable characters, shocking twists and turns you'll never expect.... you'll never guess how it ends!

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